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District Council discusses digital tv/radio reception and car parking in Sai Kung

by Robin Bradbeer

Two items of interest from the last Sai Kung District Council meetings have come to our attention. First, some councillors raised the problems of receiving digital broadcasting signals in the Sai Kung area. See (In Chinese only). So far there is no response from the Government on this problem. As we all know, many parts of Sai Kung cannot receive any digital broadcasts at all. And many areas cannot even receive analogue signals, so we are effectively cut off from what’s happening in Hong Kong, having to rely on dubious and ineffective internet  connections for our news. With PCCW/HKT having a virtual broadband monopoly within the Country Parks we are even denied local English language news services. This is certainly of major concern to many of us that live closest to the nuclear power stations in Guangdong, as we will have no real time news of any emergencies.

The Hong Kong government has just determined that so few people are listening to digital radio in the SAR that it will be phased out over the next few years as the licences expire. So we will not even get online services in the future. And the new digital tv services recently licenced  will need to provide English language services which will not reach most of us. We fully support the District Council’s endeavours in this area. SAI KUNG BUZZ will run an online poll on this subject in the near future that will be presented to both the District Council and Legco.

Secondly, Council members requested that the car park servicing the Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau golf course be extended by two storeys so as to alleviate some of the parking congestion in Sai Kung (Chinese only). This would seem to be a sensible idea, especially as there is to be many multi-storey developments in the adjacent area over the next few years.

car park

The current low profile car park. Photo: Google Maps

In typical bureaucratic reply the Transport Department referred the problem to  the Home Affairs Bureau, and stated that as the relevant parking is managed by the Golf Course management it has referred the proposal to the management company for consideration and said “with regard to the proposal to increase the parking spaces in the above parking areas, we need to carefully consider possible traffic congestion, if the Department receives the stadium management company’s agreement to increase the parking spaces” (loose Google Translate translation). Seems nothing ever changes…….

2 Comments on District Council discusses digital tv/radio reception and car parking in Sai Kung

  1. Nicola Newbery // 2 April 2017 at 7:20 PM // Reply

    Wai Man Road is the public highway that passes the Hong Kong Academy and the swimming pool before joining Fuk Man Road. It is not the road that leads to or passes by the Jockey Club Car Park. Strange that Google Maps have mislabelled the road.


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