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Bull with fetlock injury takes a ride for treatment in AFCD’s new cattle truck

Praise has been heaped on the AFCD for coming to the rescue of an injured bull in one of the first outings of their new cattle transporting truck. Both of the main cattle protection groups locally, Sai Kung Cattle Angels and Sai Kung Buffalo Watch, have lauded the department for obtaining the specially equipped lorry after a three-year wait.


AFCD vet Lucia (purple cap) treats the bull. Credit: Sai Kung Buffalo Watch’s Karina O’Carroll

Members of the public reported the case to Buffalo Watch’s Facebook page. The bull had a deep injury of unknown causes to his fetlock. AFCD vet Lucia, who is experienced at dealing with cattle, sedated him and treated him at the scene. Staff loaded him onto the truck to be taken to the department’s farm for treatment. The wound is quite severe and SKBW said they were waiting to hear how he is doing. The cowgirls report cooperation between the AFCD and the local NGOs is generally very good.  The department responds quickly sending vets when it get injured animal reports.

Ell Tam runs Sai Kung Cattle Angels while Buffalo Watch is headed by Karina O’Carroll and Carol Biddell.  Karina said, “With summer approaching people should be reminded to not interfere with cattle, to report when they may be in danger and don’t feed them.”


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