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Cruelty to cats goes on in centre of town as three animals found poisoned

emily allington

Emily Alllington, Sai Kung’s most active cat rescuer

Cruelty to cats continues in the central town buildings that house Butcher King, Anthony’s Ranch and Cava among other businesses, according to Sai Kung Catwoman Emily Allington. She said the site of the attacks on animals is the alleyway between Tung Hing Construction and Mushroom bakery in Sai Kung Town.

“Sadly there’s been more trouble for the cats living on the rooftops in this area,” said Emily, who is Sai Kung’s most active rescuer of cats.

“They experienced chemical burns and boiling water being thrown at them around a year ago. (see previous story in Buzz). One of the shops is using a trap given to them by AFCD. As the majority of the cats that were caught were registered CCCP (Cat Colony Care Programme) cats, I collected them and released them again. Over the past month or so, three cats have been found either dead or dying, and had to be put the sleep due to poisoning”. 

Emily said the SPCA is aware of the situation, but the only thing they can do is speak to residents and shop owners in the area. SAI KUNG BUZZ has informed the police operations chief, Senior Inspector Max Yip, as we did last time Emily reported this cruelty. Max said their investigation did not identify a culprit.

img_86211-e1490076620239.jpgEmily said she needs help.”Most of the cats living here have already been desexed. However, there is a mum with kittens at the moment that are living above one of the shops. I really want to take them to safety asap! In the past I have climbed up onto the rooftop to set a trap and successfully captured cats. However, I’m pregnant and not able to climb up onto the rooftops. If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it.”

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