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A Kitchen Sham, poem by Psyche Chong

This poem by Psyche Chong was inspired by the Chief Executive candidates debate.  A Pak Kong resident, Psyche owns the So Soul Hub & Gallery on Po Tung Rd.



In last night’s battle I see.

“Oh!” Said the pot to the kettle…
“You’re dirty and ugly and black!
Sure no one would think you are metal,
Except when you’re given a crack.”

“Not so! Not so!” Kettle said to the pot;
“This your own dirty image you see;
For I’m so clean, without blemish or blot,
That your blackness is mirrored in me.”

Kettle and pot are interchangeably,
For mutual politics requires no morality.
Only on knife-edge is the principles of equity.
We, ants on a hot pan, are taken inconsiderately.

If No.3 is the avatar of justice,

Did anyone get it?

Inspiration from and extension of “The pot calling the kettle black” poem

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