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Boat harbour-fronting “wedding pavilion” offered for lease at $550,000


Location of the “wedding pavilion” at 285 Hong Kin Rd

The new “wedding pavilion” fronting the boat harbour at Tui Min Hui has been put on the market for lease at $550,000 a month, Cassandra Li of Centaline Commercial said. The 13,396 sq ft two-storey block, architecturally well done, is suitable for restaurants, a nightclub and perhaps a clubhouse, she said. The building, an unfurnished bare shell, is not for sale. The rent is exclusive, ie the landlord will add layers of costs, but is subject to offer.


View from the waterfront of the new “wedding pavilion”

“The landlord wants to rent the whole block, but if anyone wants to rent a floor, we will ask him,” Cassandra said. The ground floor is about 3000sq ft with garden and parking spaces and the first floor is approximately 10,000sq ft. The view from the “wedding pavilion” — so called because that is what the hoardings said at first — across the boat harbour to the town is attractive. Looking from the waterfront the property can be seen next to Costa Bella at 285 Hong Kin Rd.

Layout of the building

Ground floor

Ground floor

First floor

First floor



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