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Department claims it is stepping up cleaning of rubbish collection points and preventing animals up-ending bins


Local residents have been advised by the Food and Environmental Health Department that frequency of rubbish collection point cleaning across Sai Kung has been stepped up and measures are being taken to prevent wild animals upsetting the bins.

The department’s Ho Yuk Ki has told Hoi Ha resident David Newbery in a letter:

— Ropes and chains are being used to tie up bins at Ko Tong Ha Yeung, Ko Tong, Pak Sha O, Uk Tau and Wong Shek to stop pigs, cows and dogs up-ending them.

wild pigs hk.jpg

— Improvement works are to be carried out Hoi Ha collection point with two months, but Yuk Ki did not say what those would be.

— An aluminium collection point is to be built at Ko Tong Ha Yeung within four months.

— Improvement works are to be carried out at Kwun Hang Temple, Kwun Hang, Sai Keng, Pak Sha O, Wong Shek pier, Uk Tau, and Yung Shue O later in the year. Yuk Ki said aluminium collection points will be built.

— Frequency of visits by cleaning staff to collection points across Sai Kung has been increased.

— AFCD has been asked to carry out “parallel action”.


Activists have been campaigning for months to push the Government into action because wild animals feeding at rubbish bins is bad for their health and the mess they make is unsightly. Residents involved include Carol Biddell of Friends of Sai Kung, Karina O’Carroll of Animals Asia and David Newbery.

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