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Unusual public invitation from Clearwater Bay club in support of Tibetan children


Sai Kung can claim Christian Action as its own, at least partially, because its boss Cheung Ang Siew Mei lives at Ho Chung and sings at Resurrection Church. Now you can book into a fund-raising event at the Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club that will benefit this outstanding charity.

On Saturday March 25, from 9am to 2pm, the club will host a three-legged race and carnival with performances by African drummers, musicians and dancers, green workshops and designer shops.  It is all to raise funds for disadvantaged children looked after by CA on the Tibetan plateau.

qinghai children

One girl in Qinghai who is looked after by Christian Action

Many residents feel that exploitation of domestic helpers is an under-written scandal. Who is doing something about it? Christian Action (along with the Mission for Migrant Workers and Catholic charities). CA has two care homes for helpers and provides paralegals to assist them dealing with the courts and the Labour Tribunal as well as other support services.

About 4500 refugees from wars in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda, Congo and other countries have made it to Hong Kong, Christian Action says. Comprehensive services are provided by CA to support them. On the Tibetan plateau, the charity runs Qinghai’s first and only rehabilitation centre for children who are abandoned, abused and disabled.


Cheung Ang Siew Mei, Ho Chung resident and Christian Action boss, in Qinghai with Mark

Siew Mei’s charity has improved the lives of thousands of people in Hong Kong and on the Tibetan Plateau. Individuals taking part in the three-legged race and the carnival at the CWBG&CC are asked to donate $400, families $1200, groups $1400 and companies $6000.

You can donate directly. See

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