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Dogs held in appalling conditions rescued by trio of Sai Kung activists

A trio of Sai Kung heroes, Debbie Chow, Narelle Pamuk and Catherine Lumsden, has rescued 14 puppies and three adult dogs kept in squalor at Tuen Wan. The dogs were hoarded by an old man who may be mentally unstable, Narelle said. The area is a mess of accumulated debris and filth. The women were assisted by the SPCA.

Tuen Wan Welfare Rescue

Dogs kept in appalling conditions in Tuen Wan by kindly but perhaps mentally ill man


Three of Sai Kung’s animal loving heroes: From left Debbie Chow of Home Dog Home, Catherine Lumsden of Catherine’s Puppies and Narelle Pamuk of Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation. All of these ladies need donations for dog food, rent, veterinary care and so on. Donation boxes for SKSFF and CP are on the counter at Pets Central

Catherine, who runs a dog home and adoption centre called Catherine’s Puppies, took five puppies for medical care and will try to home them. “I was heartbroken. I couldn’t take them all,” Catherine said.  Debbie, whose charity is named Home Dog Home, rescued nine puppies and also had them medically checked. The SPCA removed three adult dogs for desexing.

One male dog, undernourished and suffering from heartworm, could not be desexed yet and will be nursed back to health at SKSF, Narelle said, so to a bitch also ill with heartworm.  These dogs will need six to eight weeks of care and veterinary treatment, she said. The women will return this week to pick up the remaining four or five dogs for desexing. “The old man clearly has empathy for the animals. They are lovely natured and not scared of humans,” Narelle said. This is not a case of deliberate neglect, but of an elderly man without resources to look after the dogs properly.

The adult dogs will be returned after desexing, because the area is safe and local people feed them. Narelle has had them micro-chipped in her name for their safety.

Now Narelle wants to help the elderly man too by clearing the area and restoring the old house. She asks for volunteers especially handymen to come forward.

All of these ladies need donations to help pay for dog food, rent, veterinary care and so on.  Donation boxes for CP and SKSFF are on the counter at Pets Central. See Home Dog Home and Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation can be found on Facebook. Debbie is reported to be the biggest Sai Kung rescuer of dogs about to be killed at the AFCD’s “animal management centres”.Capture

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