Town Planning Board considers amendments to draft Outline Zoning Plan for Pak Sha O


The Town Planning Board met on Friday 10 February to consider representations from local groups and individuals concerning the draft Outline Zoning Plan for Pak Sha O. The draft OZP designates a larger area for agriculture, and a new Village Zone on the wetlands for up to 35 small houses.

Groups that objected to the proposals included WWF, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Professional Commons and Friends of Sai Kung. Some village residents also made representations.

pso-ag-devMost of the objections were against the new village zone, which would cater for 35 new houses. Objections included the need for any new houses when the village was currently unoccupied by any indigenous residents, the destruction of habitat caused by the existing agricultural activities and any new residential development. The effect on protected and endangered species in Pak Sha O, Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park and the connecting river valley system, as well as the adverse visual effects of large houses on existing historical vistas were also highlighted.

Finally the limited access to any new developments, the lack of roads and car parking, were also raised. We should know the outcome of the meeting within 3 months.


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