New hotel and wedding pavilion lie empty: are they about to be flipped?

The structure of the seaside Pak Sha Wan Hotel is complete, but the site is deserted. Photo by Trevor Bailey

Mystery developments litter the Sai Kung landscape. The Pak Sha Wan hotel and the Wedding Pavilion at Tui Min Hoi are current examples. The structures are finished but they lie empty.  Local businessmen are as secretive as they come. Asked why, one — we will call him Samuel — said, “Given our history what do you expect?”

Building of the 40-room Pak Sha Wan hotel is complete. Its architecture an aesthetic disaster. The one good thing to say about it is that it has a splendid location overlooking the boat harbour.  Allegedly it is owned by a  Mr TM Choy, who is so rich to him the boutique hotel is just a toy. The Beach Resort Hotel is another of his playthings. The ultra-rich let bricks and mortar investments sit there growing in value*. Samuel said, “Only mugs put time and money into running things like hotels. The game is to flip assets, moving on to ever bigger plays.”

The Wedding Pavilion at Tui Min Hoi is attractive architecturally, shaming Casa Bella next door, a study in ugliness. Samuel says the development is owned by the “King of Mahjong”, i.e. a Mr Big of illegal gambling. Why do we call it the Wedding Pavilion?  Because that is what the sign outside said in the early days of construction.  Now the sign has gone.  Is this another development soon to be flipped?

* Take a look at The Giverney, if the guards will let you in. Or hike around the outside. Most houses in The Giverney are empty.

Sha Ha Beach Resort Hotel under refurbishment. Photo by chopsticks7

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  1. Do you know how long it takes to get all the approvals needed to get an Occupation Permit?

    This could be the reason for the building being finished but not occupied.

    • How about Giverny? It was built many years ago. Why are there so many empty luxurious houses? But, the developers in Sha Ha, Four Seasons Group Building and China Paint said there’s shortage of private housing in Sai Kung in their MLP statements. Pls.,check them, Dave.