Fiesta Fiesta — “Best breakfast in town”– closed by proprietor

Fiesta Fiesta as it once was on See Cheung St. Now it is a shell. Pieter’s butch black motorbike featured as the outdoor style icon.

Pieter Nootenboom has closed his restaurant on See Cheung St in the Old Town near Little Cove coffee shop.  Fiesta Fiesta was popular with residents and visitors because of its food quality. “Best breakfast in town,” Julie King said as George Salamon nodded. But Pieter found it difficult to make it profitable, even though the  rent was only $23,000, because of low weekday sales and the demands of his other interests in property agency and renovation.

Pieter put Fiesta Fiesta on the market asking for $800,000, promoting the offer on social media.   When no potential takers emerged, he dropped the price to $200,000. Still there were no takers. So Pieter tried to do a deal with the landlord to leave the fixtures and fittings, but he wouldn’t agree. Then, Pieter told BUZZ, he would strip the place and walk away. Now it is a shell.

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