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Locally headquartered restaurant chain to open three new stores in our district

Castelo Concepts, Sai Kung’s home-grown restaurant chain, will open three more stores in our district in the next couple of months, founder and CEO Wayne Parfitt said. The company, which has a large hidden-away office in the old Po Tung Rd factory building opposite the police station, operates 36 restaurants in Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Wayne said a new restaurant called St Barts is being fitted out in the 680-apartment New World development on Clearwater Bay Rd.  “As well we are opening a gourmet deli and wine shop on the upper level.” Also at Pak Sha Wan, Castelo will launch in April a restaurant that “will be a relaxed cheap and cheerful place for a drink after a day on the boats.”


Australian Wayne Parfitt founded Castelo Concepts, which now operates 36 restaurants, several in Sai Kung. Photo credit:

Wayne started his firm in 1992 with Pepperoni’s near the Scared Heart Church. It is still there, he has said, because the rent is cheap. Now the most well-known Castelo restaurant in Sai Kung is Jaspas’s, run by the ever-popular Sing. Jaspa’s brand can be seen on several restaurants in Hong Kong, Kowloon and Vietnam. Wagyu is another one of Castelo’s most successful brands.

Wayne, who drives through town in an open-top black Mercedes, now runs the business with the help of his brother, Brian. They also have catering, junk cruise and restaurant consulting and management businesses.


Castelo’s Beach Club in the country park


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