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Atmospheric pollution now monitored once a day in Sai Kung

The Sai Kung Air Monitoring Station (SKAMS) was established on 14 December 2016 to fill a gap in the Environmental Protection Department’s air monitoring map. The monitoring will concentrate on the PM 2.5 micro particulates which, at this time of year, enter HK from the PRC on the prevailing north and east winds. PM 2.5 particles are the ones that cause long term damage to lungs and other organs as they are more easily absorbed into the body than the larger ones that most monitoring stations measure.


The station is located on a rooftop in Tan Cheung Upper Village above Sai Kung Town at an elevation of 60m above sea level. Thanks to Mike Rigg for the suggestion and to the Friends of Sai Kung (FSK) for funding the project.

The readings are updated at 07:00 am every day and can be found at

A previous story on this subject entitled “What carcinogens are you and your family breathing in month by month?” was published by Sai Kung Buzz in April 2015, click to follow.


1 Comment on Atmospheric pollution now monitored once a day in Sai Kung

  1. EPD has introduced an air quality monitoring station to Tsueng Kwan O, still a long way from Sai Kung Town, and readings from the tax payer funded “super site” at HKUST are not made available to the public.


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