Dexter, top doggie adventurer and canine media star

This photo of Dexter was taken by Peter Yuen, who is sometimes acclaimed as “Asia’s top wildlife rescue photographer”. See

Dexter Link may be Sai Kung’s top doggie adventurer and canine media star. The Hong Kong pedigree (ie mongrel*) who resides in Ho Chung has survived abandonment in a forest, attack by a python and maybe attempted drowning in a ditch. You can’t keep a good dog down. Dexter has gone on to be a television and radio star.

Teacher Courtney Link said she picked up Dexter when he was about six weeks old at “my old school” in Taipo.  Staff at the school said Dexter’s siblings had been drowned in a ditch and an attempt had been made to abandon him in a forest. Dexter had followed them back to the school and was being fed bits of sandwiches.  “He was very sick with tick fever and other diseases,” Courtney said. “I put him in my handbag and took him straight to Mike at Pets Central.”

Dexter is now four. He was attacked by a four-metre python two years ago when out walking with Courtney and her husband, Peter Moss, near the country park. The snake constricted Dexter who gave up struggling as he was crushed. Courtney and Peter fought the python for many minutes stabbing it in the head with a pen knife and finally freeing Dexter. A vet treated the fang puncture wounds and Dexter survived.

He is obviously a tough guy. Courtney says she found out why when she sent off to a Canadian lab a swab of Dexter’s DNA.  The lab report said Dexter had the genes of shar peis, chows, akitas, border collies and Scottish terriers — maybe, the test could not be totally accurate.

Dexter will soon appear on National Geographic television in “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan’s Recruit programme. Courtney says he is not the star, rather a supporting actor.  You can see Dexter in trailers airing on NatGeo now and shortly the Hong Kong show.

This accomplished canine character has also been interviewed by RTHK’s Noreen Mir at a Broadcast Drive studio with Mum Courtney.  She said, “He snored through the whole thing.”

*ED: No such thing as a mongrel — mother was a dog, father was a dog.

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