Sai Kung Police concern as burglars hit homes at dinner time

Sai Kung police have expressed concern over a tendency of burglars to hit Sai Kung homes at dinner time. There were two such cases in July with one occurring on a Friday and the other on the weekend, Senior Inspector Max Yip said.

“Whilst we have deployed our troops to enhance our coverage at various villages in Sai Kung during dinner time, the situation will be better if the residents have some anti-burglary measures installed at their residences,” Max said. CCTV cameras, alarm systems and dogs can deter the culprits, most of whom are opportunists. If your house looks like it is well defended, burglars are more likely to move on to easier targets.  Max noted the number of burglaries in July had dropped. Three were reported in the same month of 2015.

Floral Villas, scene of recent burglaries: Senior Sai Kung police officers warn it is the wealthier looking homes that are likely to be hit by burglars, especially if they have no apparent security.
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On the cruelty to cats cases, reported by Emily Allington, the cat care activist, and referred to the police by SAI KUNG BUZZ, he said police investigations had not yet led to anyone being charged. Emily showed photos of animals scalded by boiling water thrown over them at buildings in the centre of town. She said it appeared that restaurant staff were trying to drive the cats away by repeatedly throwing boiling water at them. Emily rescued some kittens but says several adult cats remain. She fears the scaldings will continue.  The buildings where this has been happening are those that house Italiano’s, Cava, Anthony’s Ranch and other businesses (SAI KUNG BUZZ accuses nobody at these restaurants: We simply give their names so the area where this cruelty is occurring is identified).

Incense tree cutting continues to be a problem, Max said. “…We mounted several proactive operations in Sai Kung in July, which resulted in the arrest of two Mainlanders on two different occasions, with the seizure of about 10kg of incense tree.”

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