Residents angered as scale of tree destruction becomes clear along Hiram’s Highway

Chainsaw-wielding men will begin felling more than 1100 trees near Hiram’s Highway from July. As the scale of destruction becomes clear many residents are saying they are shocked and saddened. Some are threatening protest action.

Barry Hill, a Hiram’s Highway campaigner, said he has been told by a project director for China State Construction Company, that the tree-felling will start this month, probably at Pak Wai. Click on the link below and you will see many of the trees set for the chop.


Barry said China State has carried out a comprehensive survey on the fate of the trees:

  •  1100 to 1500 trees face destruction
  •  200 are deemed to be dead
  •  100 are to be transplanted

This environmental destruction is to be mitigated China State says:

  • 300 new ‘heavy standard” trees will be planted
  • 4000 large shrubs and 1600 small ones will be planted
  • The new greening area is put at 16,000 sq metres

Residents angry at the scale of destruction are planning to get a petition together. Friends of Sai Kung Chairman John Wright has written to the Government officials challenging them to show they have environmental permits for all this devastation. Absent proof that it has all the necessary permits, FSK demands that the Government halts the tree felling. John also makes a series of suggestions on design features that — in the unlikely event they are acted on — will improve the environment after the widening of Hiram’s Highway.

In Sai Kung chatrooms, residents have been expressing their displeasure.  One exhorted campaigners to chain themselves to trees to stop the chainsaws, then call the cameramen of the Hong Kong press. “I attended a meeting with the Director of the AFCD who said that if an issue is in the press it will get the Government’s attention.” He wrote.


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