New clinic cum spa run by chiropractor Dr. Kamilla Holst

Dr Kamilla Holst makes quite an entrance. She’s the medical chief of the new chiropractic clinic opposite Pets Central. Tall, slim and Danish, Kamilla has the looks of a model. Facebook photos show her in modeling poses. Asked what brought her to Hong Kong, she reacts with a broad smile and one word, “Love”.

Kamilla believes her new Sai Kung practice may be a first for Hong Kong. She says it is a “combo”, a chiropractic clinic cum health spa. There are six partners in the business including Caroline Ling, a Sai Kung resident who is in charge of the spa side, and Dr Bruce Vaughan, probably the most famous chiropractor in Hong Kong.  Now 80, he has been practicing for 50 years and founded the Hong Kong Chiropractic Association. He is available at the Sai Kung clinic weekly.

A lot of money has been spent on fitting out the two-month-old Yi Chun St clinic. Kamilla says she designed the interior herself. It is very Danish: Stark white paint, pebbles on the sides of the corridors, luxuriant landscape photographs. Three treatment rooms have Canadian-made chiro-benches as their centrepieces. Other rooms house five negative ion spa beds which encase all of your body except the head. Kamilla did not want to be drawn into a discussion of negative ion beds, saying they were Caroline’s side of the business.  A pamphlet describes the beds as  “rock spas that reduce body fat and toxins, activate hormones, prevent aging (sic) and improve sleep quality.”

How does one qualify as a chiropractor? Kamilla said in Denmark chiropractic students start off in mainstream medical school for the first three years then diverge into clinical biomechanics classes at university. She has both bachelor and master’s degrees from the University of Southern Denmark plus six years of experience practising in Denmark and Sweden.  Why did she become a chiropractor? “Because my Dad suffered so much from back pain.”

Kamilla specialises in pregnancy chiropractic. This is “all about balancing the spine and nervous system of the expectant mother in order for her to have a less stressful and less painful pregnancy and shorter delivery.” Fifty to seventy percent of women will have back pain during pregnancy. “Half the consultation is usually giving advice and listening to the fear and anxiety of the expectant mother. I believe the body and mind are very interconnected and therefore it is crucial to balance them both out.”  How much does she charge? $1000 for first consultation, thereafter $800. If she uses a negative ion bed to warm up your muscles for 15 minutes before practising her chiro-skills on you, $100 is added.

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