Mubashir Iqbal: Carpet man who finds life comical

Mubashir Iqbal runs Sai Kung’s sole carpet and rug shop.  Every resident knows it because of the flashing blue-white neon sign at 21 Po Tung Road.

Iqbal has a broad smile that hints he finds much of life comical.

The owner of Iqbal Carpets is from Lahore and has lived in Sai Kung for 10 years, running the shop for four.  His carpets come from Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in the full range of styles — tribal, geometric, floral, modern and Persian traditional.  Some of his carpets are antiques, over 100 years old.

Iqbal says he will come with a crew of four to your house at any time that suits you, even in the evening or on holidays, with bundles of carpets and rugs that you can lay out on your floors to see what goes with the decor.  This is without obligation, he says. The carpets are priced by piece or by square footage.

Iqbal Carpets also does cleaning and repair, all by hand.  Iqbal says machines will wreck carpets. “Our people are highly skilled and restore carpet to as new condition.”  Cleaning is normally priced at $15psf. Where carpets have been damaged by fire, floods, accidents or pet stains, Iqbal staff will painstakingly restore the colours. Services include rug reweaving, mothproofing, odour removal, scotch guard, asthma and allergy relief as well as padding.     9018 0897


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