Fire station’s Fei Mui up for adoption CORRECTION: Buzz has since learned Fei Mui has a home

BUZZ has since learned Fei Mui has a home

Dog for adoption: Fire station’s Fei Mui

Fei Mui lives in the bush near the Sai Kung Fire Station. She is fed by the Meals on Wheels programme, run by Narelle Pamuk.  Narelle takes up the story:



“She melts our hearts. Almost four years old, and I run of out of words to describe how wonderful this little girl is! Fei Mui is very feminine, so sweet and always happy to see us. Sai Kung Stray Friends desexed her following the birth of her first and only litter when she was only a pup herself. We keep her up to date with all vaccinations and preventative care and she is taken to the kennels regularly for her bath time which was last Sunday. Driving her back in our car to the site, she was feeling so contented and snuggled up putting her head on the lap of our kennel staff James. She is a little darling. She should have a proper home and be with a family. She would be perfect with a new born or young children as she is just so gentle. Fei Mui gets along with other dogs and for her not to be adopted is truly a family missing out on the most wonderful family pet.”

Fei Mui is available for adoption or fostering.

Email or call 9199 2340

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