Steamers restaurant, a social centre of Sai Kung, goes on sale for $3m

Local regulars on a Sunday afternoon at Steamers: From left, Andy Lumsden, Barry Collier, Carl Neale, Alan Blay, Pete Burns, Martin Bailey. Barry and Carl are two of Steamers owners. (Source: Steamers’ Facebook page)

Steamers restaurant has been put on the market with an asking price of $3 million, Director CJ Neale said. One of the social centres of Sai Kung, it will be sold, the owners hope, as a going concern.

Eight years ago the current shareholders took over the business and invested $3 million. CJ said she is now spending most of her time in the UK because her children are at school there “and the other owners have high-flying jobs — literally”. “We are trying to find someone from the community to take over the business.”

Large chains have approached the Steamers owners, CJ said, but that is not what they want. “All of us are of the same mindset: That the staff be looked after and Steamers continues to serve the community.” The lease runs until 2020 and all licences are in place including that for the outside courtyard. The $3 million asking price covers rent and utility deposits as well as all assets such as furniture and fittings.

“Failing a sale of the whole business, interested individuals can contact us and we will try to form a new syndicate,” CJ said. The shareholders are Barry Collier, Richard Craggs, Iain Houston and CJ and her husband, Carl. Contact

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