Clearwater Bay residents all agog as New World promises “sculpture park” in monster development

Adrian Cheng, executive director of New World Development, and his wife Jennifer: Adrian is the architect behind NWD’s “Artisanal Movement”. Photo credit:

Clearwater Bay residents are waiting agape for the new “Sculpture Park” that will be the centrepiece of the million-gross-square-feet Mount Pavilia development. It’s the inspiration of Adrian Cheng, favoured son of developer New World.  Adrian dreamed up “The Artisanal Movement”, NWD’s theme of the moment.

Adrian explains TAM:  “The Artisanal Movement is a journey of expanding one’s imagination, not limited to design and aesthetics, but also amassing a modern living culture through our persistence in delivering bespoke craftsmanship manifested by originality.” Within the 680-apartment complex on Clearwater Bay Road, “Sculpture Park” will embody Adrian’s vision, the developer informs us.  Poetry wafts us heavenward as the Park is described: “Endless greenery stretches before you, turning every window into a frame of art…”

Adrian is the son of Henry Cheng, current NWD managing director who is the son of the founder of jeweler Chow Tai Fook (from which the Cheng family’s riches stem) Cheng Yu Tung.  Now executive director of NWD, Adrian married banker Jennifer Yu seven years ago in a wedding that had Hong Kong society aflutter and atwitter before it was fashionable.

New World has hired four sculptors to create works for its Mount Pavilia garden: Kum Chi Keung, Gao Wei Gang, Jen-Michel Othoniel and Tatiana Trouve.  Kum’s sculpture looks like a gutted apple, Trouve’s a water feature in a rolled mattress. Gao’s looks like a jumble of children’s building blocks. Othoniel’s may prove attractive. It’s a Jeff Koon-like colourful blowup of interlocking hearts rendered in oversize beads.  This will be the anchor sculpture, NWD says.

New World Development earns pre-tax profits of HK$85 million on average each day.

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