Tom Bar & Grill on Sai Sha Road flattened: only debris remains


A pile of rubbish is all that remains of the Tom Bar and Grill at Nai Chung village, Sai Sha Road.  A flimsy structure, it has been flattened and the debris shoved off the site towards the road. Wine and liquor bottles stick out of the mess. All appear to be empty. Two signs next to the site proclaim it is Government land.

This was the first Tom Bar and Grill. The company has since opened another branch at Science Park near Tolo Harbour.  The website says the restaurant has operated at Nai Chung village since 2007 “in an utter European style”.  It was the only restaurant serving Western food on the strip. The place was quite distinctive and often busy with an open-air feel amid “surrounding green plants for embellishment”.

Tom Bar+Grill




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