Contractors working for Chairman George block Yi Chun Street

As foundation-laying at Chairman George Ng’s building progresses trucks are frequently blocking cars and pedestrians on Yi Chun Street.  The District Council chief has confirmed to SAI KUNG BUZZ that it is his site.

George didn’t say so but word on the street is that it will a seafood restaurant.  It will be his third:  George also owns the Sing Kee and Loaf On restaurants, which are Michelin starred.

The construction site is next to Steamers on the other side of the alleyway.  It is just 50 yards down the same alleyway the George maintains his office.  If you want to lobby him on a Sai Kung matter drop in. You might catch him if he isn’t dining at one of his own restaurants.  George has been District Council Chairman for 21 years.


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