Big Changes at Buzz

Bottom line is that we’re aware that Buzz has some scope for improvement and owes more to the Saffron Walden Gazette, circa 1974, than to modern day hi-speed reportage in the era of instant update social media.

We’re working on fixing that. There’s some new blood in the team, we’re working on entirely restructuring the online platform to allow for much faster updates so we can stay relevant and have even managed to bludgeon the editor into working to a weekly timescale for the bigger stories despite the fact it’s going to significantly impact the amount of time he can spend in Poets.

In addition to that we want to improve the Buzz by expanding our scope; providing more articles about issues outside of Sai Kung affecting residents, more community relevant sections to the website, more comment and possibly even a little sarcasm*.

It will take some time too get all this in place as we are a small team so if you think you can help out or have something you need to say to the wider community then get in touch with us via the link below.

We’re also currently putting together new advertising packages targeted at smaller businesses. For information contact or on 2894 8979.

Oh, forgot to mention. We’re now exclusively online so we can focus on getting the local news to you faster than anyone else. If you want to make sure you get the latest updates when they happen follow our Facebook page.

 –Not The Editor

*The Editor has just asked me to mention at this point that he’s looking for a cartoonist. And someone to do crosswords. Not sure he’s got the hang of this online thing yet and if you knacker your screen by using marker pen on it for the Sudoko we are so not liable for that.

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