Wasabi Warriors opens in Pacific Place but seems stuck in Sai Kung

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Sai Kung may welcome Wasabi Warriors — if it ever opens here. The company’s second Hong Kong store has started operations in Pacific Place, but in Sai Kung it appears stuck. Hoardings have been up around the shop opposite Pets Central for months.

Wasabi Warriors is not a restaurant, it’s a delicatessen. You buy takeaway packages of sushi and sashimi rolls, boxes of rice and udon, and salmon, tuna, scallop and seaweed bites. Prices are reasonable: Rice ball meal $28, three bites pack of salmon, tuna and scallop $30, box of teriyaki chicken rice $62, rolls of Peking duck and shallots $32, six-person platter of sushi rolls and fresh fish $390.

If you want to try the food, visit the basement at Three Pacific Place or World Trust Tower, Stanley St, Central — in Sai Kung we may have a long wait. The company is Philippines-based and has created cartoon characters to promote the brand, five Wasabi brother warriors.

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