Sai Kung fire services handle 186 fires, 3979 ambulance cases and 268 rescues

The Sai Kung Fire Services were called out to 186 fires last year, 3979 ambulance cases and 268 rescues, according to their response to inquiry from SAI KUNG BUZZ. None of the fires was serious. Only two people suffered minor injuries.

The worst incident handled by Sai Kung fire station was a speedboat crash at Cham Tau Chau island. FSD officers arrived at the scene at 2pm to find three injured people “categoried as red”. They had spinal, head, neck and limb injuries.

The other serious incident during the year, the FSD spokesman said, was the discovery of 10 bags of dangerous goods at Ho Chung. Fire officers backed police who removed the explosives in a seven-hour operation.

The rescues mainly concerned people in difficulty in the hills and tree-cutting. Causes of the fires were the usual: electrical faults and mishandling of cooking and naked flames.

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