How about we show some community spirit to Por Por?

SAI KUNG BUZZ reprints this letter from Saikung Marketplace by Alycia Bella.
It was pointed out to us by Angolan reader Ellen Manson*.
We wholeheartedly agree with both of them.

porpor.jpg…Just wanted to share a story about the lovely Por Por who sells fruit in the tiny store under the stairs next to Butcher King. This small business has been her only source of income for 30 years. Working from 10am to about 5pm seven days a week, Por Por makes very little money and pays increasing rent and lives all by herself. She has no one to look after her.  My lovely sister in law has helped her close the store and experienced the hard work, saying it was amazing how such an old woman had the strength to do it by herself. My sister in law often buys her an egg tart or McDonald’s and Por Por breaks down in tears.

I wanted to ask if we can show some community spirit. If you want some fruit or ciggies, why not get some from Por Por?


*Former Sai Kung resident now living most of the time in Africa

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