Director Kenneth Bi is working on new films, actress wife says

Film director Kenneth Bi and actress Rosa Li

Clearwater Bay film director Kenneth Bi is the sensitive sort, given to musing:  “Nuture the soul and you’ll be fine.” Born to privilege, he is the son of Shaw Brothers stars Ivy Ling Po and Chin Han, yet his art focuses on simple concerns: Paid dating by the young in the “Girl$” and nearly extinct black-faced spoonbills in the children’s book, “Lola’s Big Adventures”.

Ken was acclaimed early in his career for films such as “Rice Rhapsody” and “The Drummer”. His most recent movie released in 2013 was “Control”. He has been tempted by commercial projects for Volkswagen in China and Nike. With his wife the actress and producer, Rosa Li, Ken runs a film production company. She says he is now overseas working on several projects. Rosa would not be drawn on the details.

The couple live at Clearwater Bay where Ken cycles, watches Rosa gardening and plays with their cats. He is atuned to nature, warning of the “disruptive, dangerous human civilisation”. Hence the book on black-face spoonbills. Only 2600 are left in the world according to a 2012 census. This month a quarter of their number may be seen at Mai Po marshes during their annual migration. Spoonbills like mudflats wading in the water sweeping their bills from side to side, finding food.

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