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Vet nurses set up desexing charity

Five veterinary nurses have teamed up to form a charity that will desex dogs and cats in remote regions. The Sai Kung team member is Nikita Ng, supervisor at the SPCA clinic.

“Last year we went to the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand and desexed 99 animals in three days,” Shirley Maizrahi said. The nurses, all current or former SPCA staff, joined by seven collegaues assisted local vets who carried out the surgery.

Shirley, who is group leader, said the charity is called Animal Welfare Awareness by Real Life Experience — Aware for short. They are raising money for legal fees, equipment and consumables. Initially they plan to work at isolated areas in the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar “where the big organisations never go”. The aim is to support local vets desexing “totally neglected animals” to reduce stray populations and suffering.

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