Scrums of property agents to face off on our streets

Mt Pavilia is more than one million sf gross floor area. Photo credit:

Scrums of property agents flogging Mount Pavilia will soon be competing on our streets with a mob from The Mediterranean. Expect to have pamphlets shoved in your face on most street corners. New World’s development on Clearwater Bay Road is more than twice as big at 680 apartments as Sino Land’s Sha Kok Mei project with 297. Here, compliments of Centaline, is a drone’s eye view of Mount Pavilia, which has gross floor area of over one million sq ft.

Coming on soon too on Clearwater Bay Rd will be Shaw Brothers Studio development, even larger at 750 flats.  Once it passes the regulatory hurdles, it will line the pockets of investors Shaw Brothers, China’s Fosun conglomerate and Robert Kuok’s rump SCMP group, which recently sold its media assets to Alibaba.

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