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What is Steve Vines ranting about? In Sai Kung Magazine he tears strips off the local coppers, in not one issue but two. The police had the effrontery to come into his garden at night, he writes, while patrolling in their never-ending hunt for burglars.

The same thing happened to us last night. It’s 2am. Torchlight comes flashing through our bedroom windows. We live in O Tau on the edge of the jungle. I realise immediately it’s the police. Burglars would not be using torches.

I open the grill doors and go out in pyjamas. Two uniforms are on our lawn inside our fence. I see they have opened our gate.

“Hello,” I said. “Welcome.” No need to ask what they are doing, it’s obvious. We had a burglary in our building early last year. I mentioned this to the police, pointing out the affected flat, saying I am sure they knew that. They said they did. Both officers spoke in a friendly manner, apologising for waking me. I wished them good night and went back to bed. The officers moved on patrolling the O Tau village.

What’s wrong with that, Steve? They were protecting me and my family and the rest of us in O Tau, just as they were protecting you and yours at Pak Tam Chung. Burglary is rife in Sai Kung, Steve.

I once emailed RTHK’s Phil Whelan when Steve was about to come on his radio programme asking Phil to try to get Steve to say something nice about the Government. Phil replied there was no hope. “It would be like asking a scorpion not to sting you.”

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