Burglaries in Sai Kung dropped last year but domestic violence worsened, police say

Chief Inspector Bryan Yeung, new Sai Kung station commander

Crime figures released by the Sai Kung Police Station show burglaries in our district declined last year but overall the number of reported offences rose. There was a lamentable increase in domestic incidents, including those with violence.

Responding to a SAI KUNG BUZZ inquiry, Chief Inspector Bryan Yeung, station commander, and Senior Inspector Janet Chan, operations chief, issued the following statistics:


Janet said local police received 15,897 reports last year compared with 15,619 the previous year. Crimes totaled 499 compared to 442. Traffic complaints declined by more than a third. Search and rescue operations rose: 210 compared to 157.

Police searching Pik Uk area near Clearwater Bay road after the Bossini heiress kidnapping, the most serious crime of the year. The case was handled at a higher level than Sai Kung Police Station

In a previous interview Janet and her then boss, Chief Inspector Paul Gordon, said houses most likely to be burgled are those that are obviously valuable. Police figures show blackspots for burglary are: Nam Wai to Tai Chung Hau 16 cases last year and 19 the previous year; Tai Ho Tun to Sha Kok Mei 32 and 32; Tai Mong Tsai Rd 14 and 22; Pak Tam Rd 5 and 11.

Domestic incidents showed a marked increase: 68 last year compared to 40 the previous year. Twelve involved violence while there were nine such cases the previous year.

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