Ask ‘Auntie’ Sadie

Dear Auntie Sadie,

I was wandering through Hoi Pong Square last Thursday when I glimpsed a scrawny middle-aged woman wearing ragamuffin clothes that ought really to be donated to a Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation production of Oliver Twist, with straw-like flyaway blonde hair and dark roots, cackling raucously to herself and pushing a laptop and a baffled Yorkshire Terrier in a pram. It was you, wasn’t it?


99.9% Positive In Hoi Pong Square

Dear 99.9% Positive In Hoi Pong Square,

No, it bloody wasn’t! I am young and gorgeous, immaculately groomed and glowing at all times. And I only
push my Yorkie, Hobo, and a laptop in a pram on Sundays, you cheeky ****!


Auntie Sadie
Model and Actress (Retired)

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