The Spirit of Sai Kung

By Russell Clarke Smith

Where to start there’s so much to say

with lots to do when you wake up each day.

OK so maybe you can’t go whaling

but you can certainly indulge in some sailing.

And whilst you’re doing that if you’re so wishing,

take a rod and line and do some fishing.

If you enjoy surfing there’s not just the net.

You can do it on the water though you might get wet.

If you feel the need to do some slimming

go down to the pool and do some swimming.

Perhaps instead go to Kau Sai Chau and enjoy 18 holes

or if it’s too wet indoors instead for some pool or 10 pin bowls.

If the kids are on holiday and getting in your hair,

there’s no need for you to despair.

Provided that it’s not to damp

put them on a boat to Wong Yi Chau youth camp.

Or if money’s tight and you’re feeling poor

send them walking instead on a geo tour.

Maybe you don’t have the chance to go horse riding

– instead how about squash, tennis or even hang gliding.

After spending all that energy you need something to eat.

One has to say the choice in Sai Kung is hard to beat.

There’s European style Italian, English and Portuguese.

If these don’t suit you can try Japanese.

There’s plenty of Indian for those who like it hot

or Thai, Filipino or Sri Lankan for those who do not.

Chinese and fish restaurants by the score.

It’s hard to say which is the more.

If you want to eat quietly and stay at home

there’s take away burgers, pizzas and chicken on the bone.

Plenty of watering holes if you want to go on a “booze” up

Or you’re that way inclined you can easily get “steamed” up.

However the real spirit that makes living here worthwhile

– everyone is friendly and greets you with a smile.


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