Robbery with violence causes police to step up watch scheme promotion

Sai Kung police have launched a campaign promoting the neighborhood watch scheme after a robbery with violence in Fung Sau Rd.

Fung Sau Road, area where family were ambushed by robbers and tied up

Family members returning home were ambushed by men who hid near the rear gate. When the residents opened the main door, three culprits ran out and pushed them into the house. The people were tied up by the robbers, who ransacked the place and ran away. Family members untied themselves, according to the police report, and called 999. On the scene quickly the police arrested one man. Uniformed offices and CID searched the area, catching another robber. One remains at large.

The police said the case highlights the need for the neighborhood watch scheme.  They want people to look out for their neighbours and call police if they see anything suspicious. Each village should have an NW representative. Forms for applicants are available at the station.

Burglars are common in Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay, but robberies with violence are rare.  There were two other robbery cases in 2015. One occurred at the home of television and public relations personalities Michelle Han and Tony Turner.  Their son was tied up by robbers but unhurt. The couple slept through the incident in their $90 million home known as Air House.

Former Sai Kung police commander Paul Gordon told SAI KUNG BUZZ it is people in obviously valuable properties that they worry most about.

The third case was at Yan Yee Rd. A house owner woke to find a robber in his house. They struggled and the owner was overcome and tied up.  He received minor injuries. Police say they are still investigating.

Sai Kung police operations chief Janet Chan recommends residents install CCTV and alarm systems.

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