Outward Bound invites youngsters to join 75-day instructor course

Outward Bound Hong Kong (OBHK) invites youngsters to apply and join a 75-day training course at the end of which, if successful, they will be employed as OBHK Instructors. Training Instructor Daniel Webb said applicants will undergo a three-phase selection process. “If they come thinking it’s just a bit of fun, invariably they don’t make it.”

Minimum age of 21, there is no upper limit. Selection involves a one-day interview during which ‘Outward Bound’ is explained.  Following this are three days of practical skills in the country park.

If applicants successfully apply and complete the course they are employed as OB instructors for three years

“We are looking for attitude above skill” says David. “We need people who are passionate to work with and develop the potential of our participants. We need people who care.”

outward-bound2After that comes a 14-day “experience” where applicants are put through a “360-Degree Odyssey Course” circumnavigating Hong Kong via sailing and kayaking, just as participants would.

Applicants who get through all that are accepted for the 75-day Instructor Training course.  They are provided food and accommodation at the Tai Mong Tsai base, with a monthly allowance.

Daniel said the last Instructor Course had seven participants. Five of which were successful. It involved five days in the classroom and 15 days on courses observing OBHK Instructors in the field. The rest of the time they are trained in numerous hard skills such as rock climbing and abseiling, challenge ropes course operation, along with hiking and sea kayaking expeditions.  By the end of the programme they must have self-studied first aid and life-saving skills to meet basic employment requirements.

Daniel said people who pass the course will then go on contract as OBHK Instructors for three years, living on base with 40 other operational staff.

outward-bound3A Manchester lad, Daniel is one of the two training staff at Outward Bound Hong Kong.  Leading the team is Training Coordinator, Yazid Saud, a Malaysian.  Daniel has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Outdoor Sports, as well as outdoor qualifications in mountaineering, hiking, climbing, kayaking and wilderness first aid.

For more information please contact: info@outwardbound.org.hk

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