Friends of Sai Kung lambasts ‘destroy first build later’ plan

Friends of Sai Kung has objected to a small house application at Ko Tong saying it’s an “egregious example of arrogance and contempt for the law”. Chairman John Wright wrote to the Town Planning Board alleging developers “destroy first build later”.

John Wright, Friends of Sai Kung Chariman, at Yosemite

Dense woodland at Sites 64 and 66 has been demolished in the hope the TPB will see no need to preserve the wrecked land for conservation, John said. Two years ago a road was built illegally on government land for access to proposed new houses. The Government put up warning notices. The developers took them down. The Government placed a concrete block there to obstruct access. The contractors shoved it aside. The Government erected stronger obstacles, which are still there.

John said none of the applicants is a resident of Ko Tong. Some live overseas. The area their contractors are churning up is home to endangered species such as pangolins, pythons and brown fish owls. Ko Tong is surrounded by the country park so the applications should be rejected in line with the Convention of Biological Diversity. The TPB must throw out the proposal to discourage further speculative action devastating the environment, John wrote.

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