Coddled councillors enjoy pampering pay package: Chairman George $97,446

Most Sai Kung residents will be unaware how financially pampered their district councillors are. Chairman George Ng Sze Fuk takes home a total of $97,446 a month in pay and allowances. Ordinary councillors trouser $53,686 in salary and benefits. This regardless of whether they are full- or part-time.
Sai Kung District Council in session

“No wonder George wants to hang on as Chairman after 21 years with a package like that!” Trevor Bailey, a Sha Kok Mei resident, said.

As Chairman of the district council George is paid monthly by the Government $51,520 in salary. For operating expenses he is given another $38,053, for miscellaneous costs $5240 and for medical $2634. Ordinary members of the council collect monthly pay of $25,760, operating expenses of $38,052, miscellaneous expenses of $5240 and medical of $2634.

Independent councillor Christine Fong told SAI KUNG BUZZ in a previous story the proportion of councillors who are there because they want to do good, compared to those who sit on the council mostly to feather their nests or those of their cronies, is about half and half.

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