Artistic licence much in evidence as Sino Land unveils project plans

The residential development of most interest to Sai Kung locals is the project between the Stadium, Academy and Tai Mong Tsai and Wai Man Roads. It is the nearest major project to town. Sino Land have called it hopefully “The Mediterranean”. Now the first phase is on sale.

It is not as big as some residents feared: Four buildings up to eight storeys. Apartments total 297, however, so with say three people on average per flat plus their hundreds of cars the effect on the community will be considerable.

Prices range from $6,588,630 for a pokey 503sf flat to $13,656,060 for 986sf fronting the gardens and swimming pool. These look spacious and splendid in the pictures painted by Sino’s artists. Sixty-six apartments are on sale in the first phase as the developer assesses market sentiment. Not a stick is out of the ground yet. Completion, the developer says, is due in early 2018.

Agents from several companies are button-holing residents and visitors in the streets trying to entice them to the show flat. Comparing the pamphlets they hand out is instructive. The spaciousness in the development varies widely in them.  Sino’s artists have been most creative.


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