Zumba instructors and enthusiasts raise money for elderly centre

by Chris Davis

Powered by the energy of Zumba and the enthusiasm of giving through dance and fitness, more than 120 young, old, fit and not-so-fit Sai Kung people grooved, moved and gyrated through two hours of high-energy workout in the Sai Kung Town hall to raise money for the Sai Kung Caritas Elderly Centre at a charity event in mid-November which raised over HK$3,500.

Sai Kung Town Hall – more than 120 people joined in the Zumba charity event

“The event exceeded my expectations and it feels very humbling,’’ says  Connie Colson, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Certification Specialist and Team Professional Representative Master Trainer, PILOXING LLC who spearheaded the event. ‘’ I could not have done it without the help from amazing friends from my classes who went beyond simply helping,’’ says Connie who explains she chose the Sai Kung Caritas Elderly Centre because it plays an important role in the community. Fully trained instructors Cecile Osborne and Czarina Chan volunteer their time to provide weekly Zumba Gold sessions at the Caritas Centre. Zumba Gold is specifically designed for active seniors and is a great social activity to connect, says Connie.

“It is touching to feel welcomed by the locals and I am pleased the days of putting on an impromptu flash dance in the Square and  on the waterfront has made us a part of the Sai Kung community,’’  says  Connie  who thanks Sai Kung Buzz which published a story about the Sai Kung Zumba scene a few months ago, which helped  to secure the move to the  Sai Kung Town Hall, which has the space  to allow more people to take part in Zumba and Piloxing lessons.

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