Residents need to stand up and oppose the over-development that is going on. If you read the latest editions of SAI KUNG BUZZ you will have seen vast housing projects are planned for the boat harbour (gone soon, it appears) the Marine Police base at Tui Min Hui (gone too) and reclamation in front of the base. That along with all the other developments soon to be completed by Sino Land, New World and others. If Sai Kung people don’t get up and demonstrate against all of this, soon our town will look like Tsuen Wan.

The objective of demonstrating should be to generate Government-embarrassing publicity. It works. Here’s a case in point. The devastation at the ancient village of Wong Chuk Yeung up beyond the big aerial was reported one day recently in the South China Morning Post. By coincidence SAI KUNG BUZZ had arranged to meet a Friends of Sai Kung veteran there on the same day.  We found two AM-number-plated vehicles already there, one from the Environmental Department and one from the Lands Department. They had been jerked into action by the SCMP article. BUZZ’s Editor recalls attending an animal welfare meeting at the AFCD where the director said if it is in the press, the government will act.

A contractor has told us divers are working on underwater surveys in the boat harbour and at sea off the Marine police headquarters.  Seabed surveys usually lead to reclamation and housing, he said. Plans show proposed reclamation in front of the base with new breakwaters out to sea. Visiting the marine police base we were told by senior officers that they expect to have to move.

How much other major development is planned that hasn’t surfaced yet?  Shaw Brothers’ massive site will likely be one and perhaps the former ATV site. We are all too aware of the Sino Land Sai Kung projects (two), New World (three) and the new hotels (three).

Stand-up and demonstrate against over-development, Sai Kung people. Invite the press. Yell, chant, wave banners. All you’ve got to lose is your hometown.


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