Residents of Tai Wan and Nam A fear developer will block road access

Residents of upper Tai Wan and Nam A fear road access to their homes will soon be blocked and emergency vehicles will be unable to reach them.

A resident — we’ll call her Mrs Lee — said a developer has recently acquired two lots of land Nos 555 and 556 in DD 216. This developer has drawn white lines through Tai Wan’s upper car park marking his territory.  According to Mrs Lee, he has said he will fence off his area.

“He has recently bought the land as a speculative investment and hopes to build up to six houses to make profit,” she said. “At pinch points, if he carries out his fencing threat the access will then be too narrow, about 4ft, and vehicle access won’t be possible.” There are elderly citizens and families with children who live beyond the two lots. At any time, these people could need emergency aid. People paying for parking spaces are unaware that ownership has changed.

A developer has drawn white lines showing how he intends to block road, residents say

Mrs Lee has written to the District Lands Office. Replying for the DLO, Samuel S.K. Chan said the lease conditions for Lot 555 preclude any structure being built on it. Samuel said it is “block Government lease”, i.e. reserved for agricultural use. If any fencing or bollards are erected, residents should contact the DLO and the police, he said. If the developer wants to build small houses he must seek planning permission, which will be withheld, unless Town Planning Board approval is obtained.

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