Pets Central expands to create separated cat and dog hospitals

pet1.jpgExpansion of Pets Central in Sai Kung should be completed by Christmas, Dr Mike Muir said. The animal hospital has leased the shop next door to enlarge its premises.

Mike, who is a group director, said the benefits will be:

Separated dog and cat hospitals, recovery rooms and waiting areas; — a new isolation ward for infectious cases;

  • more sophisticated diagnosing equipment such as digital x-ray and ultrasound; and
  • expanded grooming rooms.

There will be an opening party, Mike said, after the expanded operation has settled down.

Frightfully furry characters at PC’s Halloween party

Separated dog and cat facilities are necessary, because “cats get on edge when close to dogs”. The grooming section needs expansion because head groomer Maggie Lau is “booked out forever”. Mike said Maggie is a very good handler of dogs and creates attractive styles for poodles, schnauzers, pomeranians and other breeds. She is also one of the few cat groomers. “Maggie needs an assistant.”

Mike is also looking for a fourth vet. The Sai Kung hospital is now run by three vets headed by himself.  The others are Dr Beava Lau, also an acupuncturist, and Dr Wyborn Lau. They are assisted by a nurse who does physiotherapy, Raymond Mak, and Mike’s wife, Anna, who is a therapeutic masseur.  Raymond and Anna soothe the aches of geriatric animals and those with orthopaedic, neurological and mobility conditions. Pets Central is one of the larger veterinary operations in Sai Kung. Its complement includes a further five veterinary assistants and three receptionists.

Pets Central is a chain with hospitals and clinics at North Point, Sai Kung, Tseung Kwan O and Mongkok, which is its most sophisticated operation taking in more serious cases sent from the clinics.

The firm also operates mobile clinics at Park Island and Fairview Island Park.  Aside from Mike, the directors of the firm are Dr Pauline Taylor, a former SPCA Executive Director, Dr David Coyle and Dr Kurt Verkest.


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