Outward Bound hosts sea kayaking seminar for overseas educators

outward1.jpgThe first international sea kayaking educators symposium has been underway in the past week at Double Island.

It was hosted by Outward Bound along with Monash University of Australia and held over five days on land and water.

Ten local Outward Bound instructors organised the event and gave presentations. They were joined by 30 instructors from Outward Bounds and universities overseas.  An Outward Bound spokesman said the Wong Wan Chau Island was ideal because of its wilderness setting.

The symposium was for lecturers who use sea kayaking as part of wider outdoor education.  Daily presentations for attendees, who paid US$795 for the course, covered educational trends in kayaking, technologies, practical skills and teaching. Monash University will be publishing a book on the key themes following the symposium.


The next such event will be held in Victoria in 2017.


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