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Hundreds run at Renaissance in memory of Canadian hero


Utah Lee promotes the Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run attracted them all on November 7. Runners, walkers, kids, the wheelchair bound and hobblers with walking sticks. Some athletes took it seriously, racing off twinkle-toed in lycra. Most didn’t. They were there for the fun, camaraderie, a bit of exercise — let’s not overdo it — and to remember an inspirational Canadian.

Terry Fox touched hearts worldwide when in 1980 he set off to run across Canada on an artificial leg. He had been hit by bone cancer. Terry covered thousands of kilometres before the cancer spread to his lungs. He was forced to quit. Terry died a few months later at 22.

That was 35 years ago. Last month hundreds of families, members of the Hash House Harriers and other running clubs, and representatives of every Canadian organisation in town from the Consulate to Cancham turned out to remember Terry and raise money for cancer research. Young musicians belted out pop, acrobats somersaulted, celebrities preened and the selfie crowd posed. The Renaissance College event was deemed an all-round success as the happy sweaty crowd streamed home after their 3km, 5km or 10km runs.


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