Sharks coach ties kids to drogues in training to boost speed

Sharks celebrating again. Charles on the right.

Soccer coach Charles Nwanaga has begun training his young proteges to run much faster by attaching them to drogue chutes. The boss of Sai Kung Sharks, who is a former Nigerian national player, said drogues have been proven in European sports clubs to improve players’ speed.  Youngsters wearing the chutes run against air resistance in training.  When they take the drogues off in a game “they run like the wind.”

Coach Charles with proteges

Charles said he saw the effectiveness of the new training methods in the performance of Sharks Under 9s in the recent Hong Kong junior league tournament. The Sharks kids beat ESF 6-0, HKFC 2-0, Brazilian Academy 2-0 and then drew 1-1 against Asia Pacific.  The Sai Kung children lost in the plate final 2-1 to Canadian International School.

“The kids were running all the time,” Charles said. “The new training methods including the drogues are paying off.” He has also introduced a “Soccer-Mind” programme where children are taught better concentration and self-control as well as being extended beyond their comfort zones.


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