Rob Gordon weds Stacy Tucker: kennel owner ties up with vet

Rob and Stacy celebrate their wedding

Well-known residents Stacy Tucker and Dr Rob Gordon have wed in a Shatin registry ceremony celebrated with a Hebe Haven Yacht Club reception.  Stacy owns Ferndale Kennels at Pak Tam Chung while Rob operates the Animal Medical Centre behind Centro.

Along with their love of animals, the couple share a passion for diving.

A part-time instructor at Sai Kung diving school Splash, Rob teaches young divers to respect the marine environment, even improve it.

Working with the AFCD, he and his youthful trainees map and study coral, fish and crustaceans in our waters. Rob is a former Zimbabwean farmer who moved to Hong Kong after Mugabe’s thugs forced him off this land.

Asked if it was a smart move for a kennel owner to marry a vet, Stacy said it doesn’t work that way.  “We get so much of our business from vets we have to treat them equally.  Rob and I run our businesses separately.”

Their personal lives are intertwined, however: The couple, who have known each other for seven years, have been sharing a house in Tsam Chuk Wan since Christmas.


Stacy has been operating Ferndale Kennels for 21 years. Her pet-ferrying vans are ubiquitous on Sai Kung roads. Near the Pak Tam Chung country park barrier the kennels have 33 outdoor kennels for dogs and 30 indoor “condos” for cats.

At the time of visiting Stacy said they had 16 dogs in residence and four cats.  Business is seasonal.  “In summer it’s crazy.” At holidays such as Christmas they are booked out.

The bulk of her business is animal importing and exporting, Stacy said.  So much of the work is corporate,  companies shifting their staff internationally. “Often we get a message one day and have to take the animals the next,” she said.

“It is hard work.  You have to keep on top of it.” Ferndale handles as many as six dog or cat shipments a day during the summer rush.

Asked about prices, she gave the example of a typical Sai Kung pedigree shipped to the UK. After the costs of airline freight rates, health certificate and UK clearance fees, the bill will be about $23,500.

How much to board a dog at Ferndale?  $150 to 250 depending on the dog’s size. Prices go up at holidays. Boarding of a cat costs $120 to 150 depending on whether it is long or short haired.

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