New choir to perform Christmas carols on Waterfront December 12

The new Sai Kung Choir will perform next month at Sai Kung Market in the Academy and at Christmas carols in Waterfront Park on December 12.

Teresa Thornton, the New Zealander who conducts the choir, said the 16 members have been rehearsing for about year, although they come and go. “People keep recycling themselves,” she said, “but the group of regulars has been steadily growing”.

The singers are all women and usually sing three part a cappella (mixed voices in harmony). The choice of songs is eclectic: jazz, pop and from cultures worldwide.

Teresa, a music teacher specialising in the clarinet, leads the choir because of her experience. Although an Aucklander, she formed and led a choir in the New Zealand town of Wanaka before moving to Hong Kong.

Sai Kung Choir’s recent performance in the Relief for Refugees concert at the Academy drew “fantastic” audience reaction, Teresa said.  They sang alongside African drummers, such an enjoyable experience they will be doing it again.

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