Kate, Zoe and Sue take quirky looks at space in joint exhibit


Sai Kung artists Kate Sparrow, Zoe Coughlan and Sue Perks will exhibit their work at PubArt gallery in Central from November 6 to 17.  “Beyond The Fold” explores the ways in which people make sense of the spaces around them, a spokesman for PubArt said.

She said Kate’s works explore the moment it all began as well as the possibilities of different realities that may exist and how we as humans occupy these spaces. Inspired by her background in archaeology, Zoe’s art attempts to unpack the ways in which Hongkongers navigate the city, particularly the somewhat ambivalent spaces of public housing. Sue is interested in layers of mark-making, and how people created meaning through constructing and altering their environment.

About the Three Sai Kung Artists

art2Kate Sparrow

Kate originates from the UK but has been living in Hong Kong for 11 years. She has previously exhibited in solo and group shows in Hong Kong exploring political and social issues through her mixed-media based work. In 2014 Kate also exhibited her work in London. Her current work uses screen printing and mixed media. 


Sue Perks

Sue is a Hong Kong-based artist working with a variety of encaustic, paint and printmaking and digital media. Sue is fascinated with the layers of colour, patterns and textures in the urban environment and the juxtaposition of urban imagery and natural forms. Sue has exhibited not only in Hong Kong, but also York and Sydney as well as sold numerous collections of her works. 


Zoe Coughlan

Zoe Coughlan was born in the UK and studied archaeology there before moving overseas. She has lived in Hong Kong since 2002, and graduated with her BA in Fine Art from RMIT, co-presented by the Hong Kong Art School in 2010. Her work is grounded in her interest in built environments, and how humans navigate and create them.

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