John Warham seals deal with new love in his life


English author and pilot John Warham has married Dutch teacher Klaske Kragt in a ceremony at the One and Only Resort, Capetown.

The couple are well-known in Sai Kung as long-term residents, although their home now is in Koh Samui.

resort2John’s second book, just published, “The 49ers II: The Rest of the Story”, is dedicated to Klaske. He spent many pages extolling the new love in his life, now his wife.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, John was one of 49 pilots sacked by Cathay Pacific during a long-running industrial dispute.

After receiving a DHL package firing him and finding himself locked out of Cathay City, John embarked on a legal battle with the airline that was to last more than a decade. Told in a modest tone, the first book was riveting if you like aviation and courtroom drama.

The second, while a bit long on legal transcripts, is a similarly good read including some shocking behaviour here in Sai Kung.


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